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(Greek: goal or purpose)


Define your purpose and you will find your direction and your ultimate goals. It's all about choices and how badly you want to achieve your goals. I cannot tell you what you want, only how to get there.

Age or present fitness or abilities should not be factors in achieving your goals, and there are many examples of inspirational people who have achieved their goals despite age/illness/injury (or all three!) such as:

Sir Ranulph Fiennes - known as 'the world's greatest living explorer'


 Ken Jones- ex-SAS and author of 'Darkness Descending'

Whilst these examples may seem extreme it is worth remembering that I have completed some of the challenges that they have, e.g. The Marathon des Sables, and the 'Fandance Race' SAS selection march (Avalanche Endurance Events), and if I can do these things then so can you! 


(names used with their permission)


 Over 50? Worried about going to, or returning to a gym? Worried about people watching or judging you? Do you want to complete a challenging goal but feel you aren't, or can never be good enough? Whatever your reasons for visiting this site looking for a Personal Trainer,  I am here to help and support you and will train you anywhere outside that you feel safe and comfortable-the choice is yours, as I want you to feel safe so we can work together to achieve your goals. I can train you outside in an open space of your choosing, or in your own garden, all with social distancing and I will provide disposable masks where needed. I disinfect all my equipment before and after use, as your  safety and mine are of paramount importance and would always be my first consideration. 

 Don't be intimidated by the photos on my website-they are there for one purpose only-to show that extraordinary achievements are possible at any age! 

 Before you commit to anything, decide on your goals then contact me.  I will use a combination of exercise and dietary advice to help you achieve your goals. 


    Over 50's 

Eating Disorders


Graham Little, ex Sky TV Sports presenter, author of the book 'Man Tests' (in which I feature), and also one of my MDS tent mates, said he hoped I realised from reading his book that all in the tent found me inspiring.


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